Zendaya Talks About What Super Power She Would Like To Have

Zendaya is perhaps one of the most popular actors in Hollywood right now and shows no signs of stopping. Starting her acting career officially 11 years ago in 2011, Zendaya is now a renowned personality in pop culture having starred in some of the biggest TV shows and movies on the planet today. Zendaya is most popularly known for her portrayal of the character Rue on HBO’s hit series Euphoria. In addition to her popularity as the character of Rue Zendaya’s second most popular portrayal in pop culture is that of MJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. MJ is the love interest of the one and only Spider Man played by Tom Holland (whom Zendaya is dating in real life).

With such strong ties to the world of Superheroes, Zendaya is probably the ideal person to ask the classic interview question, “if you could have any superpower, what would it be?” and it turns out someone did ask the actress.

During shooting a cover for Vogue Italia, Zendaya sat down to try some Italian dishes and in the meantime, the camera crew filmed a video while asking Zendaya various questions, one of which is this question.

Zendaya’s answer was very practical and not very surprising.

“I would like the ability to teleport, because I think it would make my job so much easier. Be in Rome, like that! Boom! Be in my bed. Tonight!” said Zendaya.

Being one of the most in demand actors on the globe right now, Zendaya no doubt has a busy schedule which probably involves a lot of traveling and it would make sense that the actress would like to cut some of the hassle of traveling out of her life.

It remains unclear how boyfriend Tom Holland feels about Zendaya not picking any spider powers but lets be realistic, being able to shoot webs and climb walls is not going to be of much help to some one in Zendaya’s profession; for a world-renowned celebrity, time is money.


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