Why the General Conference speak on Mother in Heaven is Joyous Information

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For a couple of decade I’ve written, spoken, and revealed books on the doctrine of our Heavenly Mother.  The timing of this — not coincidentally— was when the church posted it’s Gospel Topics essay:

Once the church was very public with our doctrine, I felt I could possibly be too. However, I discovered this wasn’t true of everybody… so, I began polling my audiences to see the place they had been on the subject.

“How many of you know we have a Mother in Heaven?”  Every hand goes up.

“How many of you were taught that we should not speak of Her? That She was too sacred or Heavenly Father was protecting Her or she was somehow taboo?” Almost each hand within the room is up.

“How many of you know that we have a Gospel Topics Essay on Mother in Heaven?” Less than 10% of the ladies within the room elevate their palms. In the final three firesides/RS actions I spoke at— 3 of 80 ladies… 10 of 150… and a couple of of 35. (I had one group that was 100% who had learn the essay and I used to be floored— seems, the RS President had despatched the essay round as a part of the invitation to my speak! Told them that they had cheated and had been blowing my statistics.) 

[Side note: for those of you who were taught the taboo on Heavenly Mother and haven’t heard an update—  it has been clarified that no prophet or apostle has ever taught we should not speak of Heavenly Mother. If you see footnote #2 in the Gospel Topic essay it references the BYU Studies article “A Mother There” that researches and thoroughly debunks this myth. Yes, that’s a big deal. And, of course, since we have an essay on Mother in Heaven and claim her as our doctrine…. Well, obviously we are allowed to talk about doctrine!]

At the Women’s Session of the April General Conference in 2022 (sure, the one we simply had), Elder Renlund spoke of Heavenly Mother. He made the doctrine very clear. I need to emphasize a number of of the important thing factors:

1- Heavenly Mother is our doctrine.
2- What we all know of Her is within the Gospel Topics Essay.
3- “I wish I knew more.”- Elder Renlund

Now, he went to debate different factors on this (together with we don’t pray to Heavenly Mother), however I’ve seen these angles well-covered in different media. What I’ve NOT seen lined is what a JOYOUS message that is.

Why is that this joyous? 

Honestly, that listing may go on and on. 

So, solely tapping from the Gospel Topics Essay, let’s cowl a few of the factors of JOY.

All individuals are beloved youngsters of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother

The very first sentence within the essay places ahead this daring fact. How does this influence how I see others? How I speak about others? How I reply to others on-line? How I decide their selections? Their politics? Am I pondering of everybody as my brother and sister… or somebody who’s The Other from me? Am I being divisive in how I see others… as a result of ALL are beloved! It is JOY to be reminded to let go of competition, and simply love each other.

Our relationship to Deity

The second sentence of the essay says our understanding of Heavenly Parents is rooted in our the connection with Deity. How does it really feel to know you’re a baby of a superbly loving Father and Mother? We know our earthly youngsters thrive finest with the love of each dad and mom… isn’t that very same true for figuring out of the love of our Heavenly Parents? When you say, “Our Heavenly Father loves you…” it’s simply as true and doctrinally right to additionally say, “And our Heavenly Mother too.”

Women are made in Her picture 

So, for all those that would possibly battle with self price or physique points or confidence… know YOU are made within the picture of an excellent divine being. (See the footnote of the primary sentence of the essay.)

Godly potential of women and men

In case this was in query, our future may be Godhood… women and men each. As Michael Goodman stated to ladies at BYU Women’s Week, “You are a perfect version of Heavenly Mother. Your destiny is not counselor-hood. Your destiny is Godhood.” JOY!  

We cherish figuring out now we have a Mother in Heaven

The final sentence of the essay’s first paragraph says that Heavenly Mother is a “cherished and distinctive” doctrine of our church. What will we do with one thing we cherish? You would possibly say — conceal it away! Protect it!  But, Heavenly Mother is Deity… she doesn’t must be hidden away or shielded from her youngsters. In reality, I feel the alternative is true… information of Heavenly Mother can bless our lives. So, if we cherish this doctrine the best way we additionally cherish the doctrines of tithing, Sabbath, scriptures, the Atonement… then we APPLY it to our lives. What does utility of this doctrine seem like in your life?

And, you realize what? All of those joys are present in THE FIRST PARAGRAPH of the essay. Just think about what pleasure follows by way of the remainder? Elder Renlund stated, “I wish I knew more.” So, let’s begin studying, looking, studying… and having our lives blessed by this joyous fact. 

“Hallelujah!” for Elder Renlund’s speak.

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