Watch | Telviva One: adapting to the requirements of business

Telviva chief technology officer Antony Russell

Telviva One seamlessly synchronises fixed-line and mobile voice, video and chat into one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Beyond this, Telviva One enables integration with CRM systems, which allows service agents to be presented with the identity of who is contacting them, as well as a past history of engagements, so that they can provide a more personalised level of customer service.

In addition, features such as regulatory compliant cloud-based call recording can be easily added on, which can then be used by customers for quality assurance and training purposes, among others.

Telviva looks to enhance your existing infrastructure. This includes being able to use your own cloud PBX as your telephony exchange, or to use your own voice termination service. Going further, you can use Telviva One as is, or even have the instance running on your own cloud, should your security or governance policies require it.

We are not coming in and taking over what you have and forcing you to use the entire Telviva solution – and this is what makes Telviva One truly unique. Find out more with Antony Russell, Telviva’s chief technology officer, in the short video above.

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