WATCH LIVE: Queensland Health COVID press conference today with COVID update on new cases as records tumble across Australia

Queensland is bracing for its COVID-19 cases to continue to rise as records tumble across Australia.

Some 12,226 new cases were reported in NSW on Thursday, up from 11,201 on Wednesday, while in Victoria case numbers jumped to 5137 from 3767 the day before. Victoria reported 13 deaths while NSW reported one.

Queensland’s health authorities will be providing a COVID-19 update at 11.30am (AEST) on Thursday. You can watch the press conference LIVE in the video player ABOVE as soon as it’s available.

On Wednesday there were 1589 cases in Queensland, 1472 in South Australia, 138 in the ACT, 55 in Tasmania, 19 in the Northern Territory and two in Western Australia.

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