UK rapist jailed for 22 years as victim recalls horror assault

A British man called his wife “crying and screaming” after being attacked by rapist – as cops fear hundreds more were targeted.

The tormented victim of a serial predator told a UK court how he called his wife “screaming and crying” after he was drugged and sexually assaulted.

Luiz Inacio Da Silva Neto, 36, spiked his victims’ drinks with an unknown stupefying drug – possibly GHB or GBL – to attack them, The Sun reported.

There are fears the “brazen” rapist may have targeted hundreds more men with cops urging victims to come forward.

The fiend deliberately preyed on heterosexual men as he believed they would be unlikely to report his sick crimes to the police.

He was jailed for 22 years on Thursday July 7 after being found guilty of rape, two counts of administering a substance with intent and two counts of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent.

One of his victims revealed how he felt an “indescribable sense of panic” after he was assaulted by Da Silva Neto following a work night out at Raffles nightclub in London.

He was ambushed by the fiend as he tried to get in a taxi and was instead driven to Da Silva Neto’s lair in Oxfordshire where he was raped.

The man recalled feeling “strange” when he spoke to the doorman and having a cup with a “dark brown liquid” held to his lips.

He said he had “never felt more terrified” in his life when he awoke in a strange room in a powerful victim impact statement today.

The married victim also said it takes “every bit of strength” he has to live every day “as a normal person” following the attack.

“Calling my wife crying and screaming down the phone is a memory she can never forget and has left her traumatised,” he added.

“The weeks that ensued were incredibly difficult for myself and all those close to me, sleepless nights and severe anxiety requiring me and my wife to take time off work.

“Whilst I have little memory of that night, I unfortunately had to hear of the awful things this man did to me against my will.

“It is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life and will cross my mind every day.”

Oxford Crown Court heard how Da Silva Neto assaulted his first victim at his home in Oxfordshire after they had shots of Jagermeister.

The man told how he began to feel tired and went to sleep fully clothed before waking up naked.

As he went to leave, he noticed a syringe in the kitchen and was convinced he had been drugged.


“The feeling of being drugged was horrendous and a feeling I will never forget for as long as I live. I felt instantly like I wanted to sleep, I felt like I needed to lay down, I could barely stand on my feet, my speech wouldn’t come out,” the man told the court.

“Then I came too whilst he was doing what he did, and this is something that will live with me for the rest of my lift, an image I replay over and over in my mind. Being unable to move or speak, but to know what was happening is a feeling I will never ever be able to forget or describe to anyone.

“Directly following what happened, I was unable to sleep, eat, or talk to anyone about what had happened and I felt like I walked around in a trance for days and it made me feel like I was losing my mind.

“I felt like what had happened to me was eating me up from the inside. It’s the worst experience I have ever lived through or survived.

“Even now, eight months later, I have been unable to tell my family or any of my friends about what happened. How can I tell them about this? What words would I use? So I live with this alone every day.”

Dramatic footage was previously released of the moment Da Silva Neto was arrested at his home.

Officers can be seen approaching the predator and telling him to put trousers on as he paces around the house in his underwear.

Further video shows Da Silva Neto in his police interview claiming one of his victims was “fine” and asking for “kisses and cuddles”.

In both cases, the rapist claimed his victims were consenting and denied drugging them.


The horrific details have drawn chilling parallels with Reynhard Sinaga, who was jailed for drugging and raping more than 40 men in Manchester.

After he was jailed in January 2020, police received more than 155 new reports.

The Metropolitan Police are now working with local police forces to identify any more potential victims of Da Silva Neto.

“I am pleased that Luiz Inacio Da Silva Neto has been jailed for 22 years for his heinous crimes,” Investigating officer Detective Inspector James Holden-White said

“Da Silva Neto is a sexual predator and a very dangerous man; as such the streets are a much safer place with him behind bars.

“(He) used what presents as a well-practised modus operandi – targeting men, administering a substance to incapacitate and overpower his chosen victim, and then engaging in sexual activity with them, knowing they are not in a position to consent.

“Da Silva Neto deliberately targeted heterosexual men whom he believed would be especially unlikely to report the offences to police, but he was wrong.

“The two victims have shown immense bravery throughout and it is because of them that Da Silva Neto has been convicted and jailed.

“We are keeping an open mind as to the possibility that Da Silva Neto has committed other offences.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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