The numbers to pick to give you a head-start on $40m Lotto prize | The Canberra Times

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More than 2000 Lotto tickets a minute on Friday are expected to be sold as Aussies all over bid for a slice of a $40 million prize. Almost a third of Australian adults are expected to have a ticket in Friday night’s $40 Million Megadraw. The peak of sales for the last Megadraw was at 10.36am on the day of the draw when more than 2900 entries were sold in a single minute. The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said the $40 million jackpot was the biggest prize ever offered by Lotto’s annual Megadraw event. “The Megadraw has a reputation for being a millionaire maker. In previous years, it’s created more millionaires in a single night than any other draw,” he said. “The last Megadraw saw 19 division one winning entries share the jackpot, with each entry enjoying a $1.5 million prize.” And if you’re after a statistical head-start on the field, these are the most frequently drawn, or ‘hot’, numbers: 1, 11, 8, 22 and 40. The least frequently drawn, or ‘cold’ numbers were 44, 14, 30, 27 and 17. “Will Lotto’s ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers live up to their reputation on New Year’s Eve? Only time will tell,” Mr Hart said.


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