The Informer: Did Prime Minister Scott Morrison get rolled by his own cabinet? | The Canberra Times


Who would’ve thought a religious discrimination bill would have caused so much chaos? Well, err, actually pretty much everyone as it happens. Religion has always been among the small talk best to avoid and the aspirationally-named website verywellmind agrees. In fact it’s paired politics with religion at No.2, sandwiched between finances and sex. And that’s pretty much how it played out over the past week. Well, exactly how it played out is probably anyone’s guess as one media organisation has gone as far as suggesting Prime Minister Scott Morrison presented a plan to get the religious bill through by also agreeing to put a national integrity bill on the notice paper for debate. But alas, that didn’t work, five Liberal MPs crossed the floor, another said he’d cross the Senate floor and well, that meant the government, therefore, was unlikely to have the numbers to pass the bill in the form it wanted. What next? Probably an inquiry. And one that is unlikely to be resolved before the election. That’s the election that still hasn’t been called, of course. With another day of federal parliament and a national cabinet meeting to look forward to tomorrow, it’s been a big trying week for the PM. A feature spot on 60 Minutes on Sunday should be just the start to a new week he’s after. Or not? Meanwhile as security agencies in the national capital are prepping for Saturday’s planned protest at Parliament House, there’s been all sorts of interesting movement behind the scenes. The anti-vaccination and sovereign citizen protesters staying in Canberra have been given a “thanks-for-coming, please-move-on-now” notice from their lodgings as a bookfair and the Canberra Show are scheduled to occupy the very same site. Police are on standby to assist with moving protesters on should it be required, although those involved hope it won’t come to that. Crikey reporter Cameron Wilson has discovered Facebook accounts with photos of non-existent people are pushing the Convoy to Canberra protest. The largest Facebook group for the protest, which had more than 177,000 members, was taken offline on Wednesday. Former members claimed it had been deleted by Facebook. Wilson says Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has been asked for comment. On an altogether cheerier note and not even in Australia, have you heard what Dolly’s done now? Dolly Parton’s Dollywood is offering free tuition and books for employees who want to further their education. Of course it’s not just open slather but all employees – seasonal, part-time and full-time- will have access to the program. Long live Dolly! THE NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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