Teacher clears debt with maths videos tagged naked, giant breasts on Pornhub

A maths tutor struggling to make ends meet has taken an unusual step to promote his work, managing to clear all his debts in the process.

A maths teacher desperate to repay debt from his defunct teaching school has resorted to a surprising method to get himself back on his feet.

Shun-Wei Chang’s tutoring business, based in Northern Taiwan, went south last year, leaving him more than NT$1 million (A$49,000) in debt and grappling with serious mental health issues.

After striking out with various ventures, both on and offline, the 34-year-old had a stroke of genius and decided he would upload maths videos where many students spent their spare time – Pornhub.

“We thought of putting our videos in the most jarring place,” he told Vice.

Using his “stage name” Changhsu, Mr Chang began uploading videos to the porn site last year, and despite his entirely PG content, he has since racked up more than 7000 subscribers.

He utilises some cheeky tactics to bring in views, including using popular porn terms, “naked,” “giant breasts,” “masturbation,” “threesome,” and “oral sex”, he told the publication.

His account also features a suggestive banner which reads, “Play Hard Study Hard!”.

Wearing a chunky dark grey hoodie and black spectacles, Mr Chang has guided viewers through hundreds of maths lessons all while remaining fully-clothed and entirely non-sexual – a wild contrast to fellow Pornhub creators.

Many users expressed in comments to Mr Chang’s videos that a maths lesson was just what they needed after enjoying other content the website had to offer.

“Nothing like a nice Delta-Epsilon Proof for my post-nut clarity,” one such comment read.

Pornhub users didn’t appear too bothered by his blatant clickbait, with his account having attracted more than two million views over the course of the past year.

“The original intention behind putting my videos on Pornhub was to get everyone’s attention,” he said.

Mr Chang’s incredible success on the site has allowed him to pay off his debt, and begin planning to reinstate his tutoring business’s own platform in coming weeks.

He revealed the hoody he wore for each video, which he confessed had not been washed once since he began, would soon be going up for auction.

The proceeds would go to students in rural areas with difficulty accessing his online content.

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