Salt Lake County was proper to cease a quarry in Parleys Canyon |Opinion

We take delight in our stunning Salt Lake Valley. We spend quite a lot of cash inviting the world to come back and see it. There are 4 methods to enter Salt Lake Valley that give vacationers their first impression. From the west, one passes a smelter, a dying lake, a most likely soon-to-be large cluster of warehouses and trains and massive vehicles, and a blighted part of North part from the airport that has been partially rehabilitated. 

From the south one passes a quarry on the suitable, and from the north, a quarry on the left and a number of other refineries. From the east, one drives via a largely attractive gorge, Parleys Canyon, though there’s a small quarry on the suitable. 

Now a businessman desires to make our solely engaging entrance to great Salt Lake Valley cross an ultimately monumental quarry on the left. Welcome to our truthful metropolis, your entry surrounded by an industrial lane and 4 quarries. We would have gravel in our heads to let that be our welcome to the world. Cheers for members of the Salt Lake County Council, who did their half unanimously lately to attempt to defend us from such folly.  Let us go and do likewise.

Louis A. Moench

Millcreek, Utah

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