Reaching the inbox of South African professionals

BusinessTech mailers are an excellent way to reach our audience with a dedicated and direct message.

Sent to a database of 185,000 subscribers, these dedicated mailers can be tailored to suit any marketing campaign – and make use of a fully-customisable HTML design.

This allows you to send a mailer which perfectly matches your needs – whether it’s a brand, product, or service campaign.

BusinessTech’s audience

BusinessTech is the largest and most influential business publication in South Africa, and its mailer database consists of C-level executives, business owners, company directors, managers, and professionals.

These subscribers are highly influential in the companies they work for, and are responsible for a range of strategic and purchasing decisions.

BusinessTech’s readers are also extremely influential in their homes, with the large majority a purchasing decision maker or influencer in their household.

Send a dedicated mailer

BusinessTech makes it easy for companies to book and send out a dedicated mailer to its audience.

BusinessTech takes care of all aspects of a mailer campaign – including HTML mailer design (if required), sending out to the mailer database, and producing performance reports.

To find out more about advertising on BusinessTech, click here.

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