Optiphi improves Eye Signs with 15 actives

Eye Signs has undergone a transformation into an ultimate eye treatment. This improved formulation has been upgraded to scientifically target the multifaceted factors related to three primary concerns in the periorbital area.

optiphi’s reformulated Eye Signs

Eye area concerns continue to be a primary focus of skin care. optiphi has done extensive research on the periorbital region to determine the best way to improve the longevity and youthfulness of the skin around the eyes.

In the reformulated Eye Signs, the number of carefully selected actives has increased to 15. The formulation includes novel ingredients with advanced cell penetrating potential, unique to optiphi. With this revolutionary technology, deeper penetration of the actives is encouraged to improve and prevent skin concerns in the periorbital area. Innovative technology and advanced carrier systems have been incorporated to work in synergy treating multiple concerns around the eye area, using different mechanisms to obtain optimum efficacy.

Improved formulation targets three concerns

  1. Lines and wrinkles

Causative factors related to lines and wrinkles are specifically focused on expression lines where added peptides and advanced technologies hinder further degradation. Hydration and skin elasticity are targeted with actives such as CPP-HA, Liposomal Tripeptide-10 and Citrulline to improve skin cohesion for more resilient and flexible skin.

2. Discolouration and dark circles

Pigmentation resulting from sun damage and dark circles is improved by Bakuchiol. Silicium and Caffeine encourage increased circulation and regulation of adipocyte volume (fat cells), counteracting sagging and restoring skin tone.

3. Puffiness and eye bags

Puffiness is alleviated with the addition of Organic Silicium and Caffeine, while Liposomal Quercetin helps to decrease the appearance of eye bags and puffiness.

Before and after images show the hydration and anti-wrinkle benefits of Eye Signs

The opaque gel spreads easily and offers fast absorption. This revolutionary formulation from optiphi, with a pH 5.5 maintains the protective barrier, encouraging hydration and natural moisturising factors to support the cellular processes of the skin for a youthful glow.

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