Nick Kyrgios slammed for abusing team in player box during Wimbledon final defeat

Aussie tennis great Rennae Stubbs has torched Nick Kyrgios for his relentless abuse of the team members sitting in his player box during the Wimbledon final.

Kyrgios regularly fumed at his team during a four-set defeat against Novak Djokovic that became uncomfortable for viewers and the crowd seated at centre court.

The Aussie 27-year-old appeared frustrated with the lack of energy coming from his player box as the match turned in Djokovic’s favour in the second and third sets.

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The first outburst came in the fourth game of the second set when he dropped serve for the first time. He began chirping at his player box to question why he was having to ask them to support him.

Later in the set, when he had a golden opportunity to break back at 0-40 but was unable to convert, Kyrgios reached boiling point.

He began shouting at his team after every point as Djokovic levelled the match. “Say something!” he roared. “It’s 0-40. God damn! It’s 0-40!”


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Nick Kyrgios relentlessly abused his player box, where girlfriend Costeen Hatzi was seated. Pictures: Getty
Nick Kyrgios relentlessly abused his player box, where girlfriend Costeen Hatzi was seated. Pictures: GettySource: Getty Images

The trainwreck continued in the ninth game of the third set as Kyrgios blew a 40-0 advantage to give up serve.

He double faulted at deuce before hitting a backhand halfway up the net to gift the Serb a 5-4 lead.

It led to another explosion at his team for their apparent failure to keep supporting him appropriately.

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“Why do you stop? 40-0, 40-15 and you just relax! Why?” he shouted at them.

Stubbs was furious at what she was hearing and slammed Kyrgios on Twitter.

“Honestly, this behaviour of yelling at your box because they aren’t doing what u want, is actually beyond ridiculous,” she wrote. “THEY CAN’T READ YOUR MIND! Yes this is his way of dealing with pressure, I get it but this is straight up constant abuse to people that love you, it’s embarrassing.”

She wasn’t the only one feeling for those sitting in the toughest seats in sport.

Kyrgios has credited his team over and over during this tournament for the support they give him and has acknowledged that they put up with a lot during his matches.

“I’ve got an incredible support crew,” Kyrgios said after the fourth round. “My physio is one of my best friends. My best friend is my agent. I’ve got the best girlfriend in the world. I’ve just got so many people around me, they just support me.

“I feel like I can reflect on all those dark times when I pushed them all away. Now to sit here, quarterfinals of Wimbledon, feeling good, feeling composed, feeling mature, having that around me, I’m extremely blessed. I feel like I’m just comfortable in my own skin.”

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“I don’t have a coach – I would never put that burden on someone,” he added after the quarterfinals. “But each and every one of my team play a very important part and I feel that I know my tennis better than anyone.”

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