Netflix releases trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 4 premiers on May 27th, 2022 and the second a part of the season drops on July 1st, 2022 on Netflix. It appears the scope of the fourth season can be lots bigger in scale, with the story being break up over a number of places as an alternative of specializing in Hawkins, Indiana for the breadth of the story.

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According to the creators of the present, the Duffer brothers, this season is their ”Game of Thrones season,” given the truth that all their characters are unfold out after the Byers and Eleven moved to California on the finish of Season 3 and Hopper is in Russia after, effectively, not truly dying. The remainder of the crew, in the meantime, stays in Hawkins, Indiana. And amidst all that, the youngsters at the moment are truly youngsters, navigating the ins and outs of highschool.

“So much of the season is about Max,” Matt Duffer says. “We open the season with her struggling with [her grief] and her trying to navigate that, and Max, on the other hand, is also someone who doesn’t easily open up to people. So a lot of what she’s dealing with, she’s struggling with internally, she’s shut a lot of people out, which makes it even that much more difficult.”

“So many bad things that have happened in this town that people are starting to question what’s going on here,” Ross Duffer says. “The government has attempted to sort of push things under the rug, but that mall fire and all of that, was too big, really, for anyone to ignore. So there’s this growing sense of, there is something wrong with this town and some people even saying that it’s cursed.”

We additionally see Eleven, now dwelling with the Byers in California and nonetheless with out her powers, trying to slot in in highschool. Given that she doesn’t fairly perceive social cues, and has been fairly sheltered up up to now, it’s protected to say that it’s not going easily. And Joyce has obtained a brand-new advertising job, however her life is thrown into turmoil when, as we see within the trailer, she will get a package deal that’s seemingly from Russia, which begins an epic journey for her, because the brothers tease.

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