Light snow expected in parts of SA from Sunday

Light snow is expected to make landfall in a few areas of South Africa and Lesotho on Sunday.

Snow Report SA said that snow could be expected in the high lying areas of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Lesotho.

“No low-level snow at a level reachable by ordinary vehicle is looking likely at this point as the freezing level is likely to be quite high,” it said.

Snow expected in mountains

Snow Report SA added that the snow forecasts can change significantly in a short space of time.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) also warned that light snowfall could occur in the mountains of Sutherland and Calivinia in the Northern Cape.

“Light snowfalls on the mountains could result in isolated loss of vulnerable livestock. Slippery conditions due to icy roads on mountain passes could result in some isolated disruption,” it said.

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Strong winds and waves

The weather service also issued level 2 warnings for strong winds in the Western Cape and Northern Cape on Sunday.

“Ahead of an approaching cold front, strong north-westerly winds with speeds between 50-60km/h and gusting up to 80km/h are expected,” it said.

The strong winds also led to the weather service warning about waves in the two provinces.

“Westerly waves of 4m to 4.5m reach 5m are expected between Alexander Bay and Lambert’s Bay until Sunday,” it warned.

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