Labor Party shouldn’t expect endorsements from business groups

The Labor Party should not rely on endorsements from business groups in the upcoming federal election, according to The Australian Financial Review’s Political Editor Phillip Coorey.

While the Business Council of Australia has shifted its stance on climate policy, “they’re not going to be out there campaigning for a Labor election victory,” Mr Coorey told Sky News Australia.

“A lot of these business groups, they don’t want to get too political, and they tend to, sort of, default back to their comfort zone – which is the Coalition, at the end of the day.

He said, however, third party endorsements often “amount to nothing”, as “Labor had everyone but god on its side last time on climate change, and it didn’t help them.”

Mr Coorey acknowledged public sentiment on climate change had shifted and “moved more towards having to do something”.

“I think the awareness amongst the electorate has been going one way for a long time, and you can only see the way the Coalition has had to really confront this and deal with it now.

“They’ve essentially lost the fight that they’ve fought a long time ago under Tony Abbott.

“So, the politics and the economics is moving one way, but the question we don’t know is – has it moved sufficiently to swing an election in favour of a pro-climate change major party, and that’s the decision Labor has to make.”

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