Jealous Mother Of Four Dumps Young Boyfriend’s Body On Highway To Make His Suicide Look Like Road Accident

A 25-year-old Indian man allegedly killed himself at his girlfriend’s home after the woman, who is 20 years older than him, tortured him to marry her. 

The mother of four is accused of dumping the man’s body on the road apparently in a bid to make the death look like a road accident, reports said.

The lifeless body of Ramesh Ravindra More, a resident of the Ojhar area in Nasik, Maharashtra, was found on the National Highway within the Adgaon police station limits on Saturday, Feb 26.

The victim’s body was sent to a medical examiner’s office for an autopsy and later handed over to his family for performing his last rites.

A preliminary investigation revealed the cause of death was by hanging. Investigators believe the victim hanged himself to death, according to reports.

More’s family members alleged that he and a married woman in their neighborhood were in an illicit relationship and that she was mentally torturing him to marry her. 

According to local media reports, the More met the woman during a bus ride about a year ago. They exchanged numbers and were reportedly in a relationship since then, a police official said.

The woman suspected that More will leave her and marry a younger woman. Her jealousy often gave way to frequent fights between the couple.

During one such heated argument at the woman’s home on Friday night, More stormed into the bedroom and locked the door from the inside.

The woman broke open the door and found More hanging dead from the ceiling fan in the room, reports said. 
With the help of her elder son and one of his friends, the woman brought down More’s body from the noose.

In the wee hours on Saturday, the suspects drove to the highway, a few miles away from their home, and dumped the body on the road police sources said. They wanted the death to look like a road accident, the official added. 

The 45-year-old woman is yet to be identified. No arrests have been reported yet.

“Action will be taken as per the law,” a police official said. 

This is an ongoing investigation and no further details were revealed at the time of this writing.

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