iOS 16 will send SMS spam reports to cellular carriers

Hitting “Report Junk” on a spam SMS sent to an iPhone currently sends the information solely to Apple, but in iOS 16, users that flag such messages will also send the number and content to their cellular carrier.

Previously, users had to forward the text to a four-digit number to report it to their carrier, but this will no longer be the case when iOS 16 goes public.

“For selected US Carriers, Messages extends the “Report Junk” feature to enable users to report SMS/MMS junk to Carriers. The option is visible inside Messages from Unknown Senders,” Apple said in its release notes.

Apple released the second beta of iOS 16 for developers on Wednesday, 22 June 2022, and according to the tech giant, the finalised operating system should go public in September.

While the new reporting feature saves iOS users a step, it won’t block the number from which it came. This will still need to be done manually.

Apple’s latest beta for iOS also lets users back up their devices to iCloud over LTE and 5G networks.

It was previously only possible over Wi-Fi and supported 5G networks.

“Customers using iOS 16 can now back up their device over an LTE cellular connection, as well as a 5G or Wi-Fi connection,” Apple said.

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