Intel 13th generation Core i7 processor gets overclocked to 6GHz

Two benchmarks from an anonymous user show Intel’s Core i7-13700K processor reaching 6GHz clock speeds, reported.

The first test screenshot shows the 13th Gen i7 running at 6GHz across all eight performance cores, with efficiency cores disabled. reported that the screenshot showing temperatures between 25 to 37 degrees Celsius implied it was captured after the test.

Intel’s overclocked Core i7-13700K chip got a 983 score in CPU-Z’s single-thread benchmark.

Since the efficiency cores were disabled for this test, the multi-core test result suffered slightly and came in at 7,814 points.

The first benchmark used an MSI MEG Z690I Unify motherboard.

The other test screenshot shows a benchmark of the 13th Gen i7 with all 16 cores enabled.

In this scenario, the performance cores clocked in at 5.8GHz, with the efficiency cores running at 3.7GHz.

The single-thread score was 947 points, while multi-threaded performance scored 12,896.

According to comparisons, these single-thread scores show the Core i7-13700K performing 10% better than the Core i9-12900K overclocked to 5.5GHz.

The tester used an ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming motherboard for the test with all cores enabled.

Twitter user @esperonslaie posted a video showing similar benchmark scores of 5.9GHz clock speeds, with temperatures between 72 and 85 degrees.

Neither the anonymous user nor @esperonslaie disclosed which cooling method they used.

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