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Organisations are all completely different, with completely different wants – and sometimes normal, out-of-the-box options merely don’t give them every part they want.

This is especially true in an atmosphere of fixed change and evolving enterprise wants.

CoCre8 Technology Solutions recognises this, and thinks out of the field to supply options that resolve altering enterprise challenges in a fast-paced world.

Proactive safety with Fortitude

Security is a scorching subject. The variety of assaults has risen sharply, and the implications of a breach vary from excessive prices to reputational harm – even enterprise closure.

Abdul Moosa, Chief Technology Officer of CoCre8, says most corporations defend their atmosphere utilizing both offensive or defensive safety.

Defensive safety usually consists of applied sciences like anti-virus, anti-malware or firewalls, he explains.

“If you were to compare that to the analogy of a physical building or house, you would put burglar bars on your house and you would lock the doors. Basically, defensive security is to delay someone who is potentially breaking into your property. If they really wanted to get in, they probably could – so it’s more of a delaying tactic.”

Adding intelligence to safe your property brings it into the realm of offensive safety. “In your home this would be where add things like alarm systems which, if someone tripped a beam, would dispatch someone from the security company,” Moosa says.

“So now you’ve got defensive and offensive solutions working together.”

“Now imagine you had a camera system deployed across your entire neighborhood and it had some sort of artificial intelligence built into it.”

“Now I could pick up suspicious activity in the area, and the AI could determine if this is a threat – maybe people are looking into windows, or a car is displaying false plates – and dispatch the security company to avert the threat.”

“In this case, you are addressing potential vulnerabilities. Instead of waiting for somebody to attack you, you are proactively looking for the holes that could potentially cause issues.”

This is how Fortitude works with an organisation’s IT programs, Moosa says. “It addresses the gap between defensive and offensive security, to identify vulnerabilities and figure out the unknown. And it uses intelligence to predict if something could happen.”

The Fortitude platform is a cloud service which might look at an organization’s infrastructure or programs, utilizing synthetic normal intelligence (AGI) to be taught concerning the system and what vulnerabilities it probably has.

“What an ethical hacker or penetration tester can do in a month, this platform can do within minutes or even hours,” Moosa provides.

Because the engine offers with information and figures, it’s not biased when it comes to having a human opinion, however will uncover potential vulnerabilities after which exploit these vulnerabilities to find out what the potential harm could possibly be.

“And then the AGI engine writes a report in simple English to tell you exactly how to fix the issues. And it does this 24/7.”

“It’s almost like having your own Dark Web, monitoring your infrastructure with a bunch of hackers at scale,” Moosa says. “All the time.”

“I will put my head on a block and say there’s no-one in the industry that’s got anything like this technology.”

Stephan Gilliland, head of the sting computing and safety at CoCre8, believes that Fortitude is a singular worth proposition.

“We decided to onboard Fortitude because we recognised there was a gap in the cybersecurity market.”

“Some customers are lucky enough to have the resources that allow them to do penetration testing – but even they simply can’t do them 24/7.”

“With Fortitude, every company – from the smallest to the largest – can be protected around the clock.”

Gilliland explains that AGI is on the coronary heart of the Fortitude resolution. “It is not just normal AI, which typically allows a machine to perform a single task extremely well – but it is still just a single task.”

“AGI, on the other hand, can be made to think and function like a human mind, with the cognitive ability to self-learn and adapt.”

“And this is crucial for cybersecurity – it means it’s not testing just a single point of reference, but everything around it, including IOT devices as well.”

Perhaps the most important benefit, nonetheless, is that Fortitude doesn’t get drained, take a break or make errors. “AGI runs 24/7 and ensures the organisation is secure all the time and not just when an audit is running,” Gilliland says.

Fortitude not solely picks up vulnerabilities, it may possibly additionally provide remediation and suggest methods to repair these vulnerabilities.

The system can provide reviews at any time and in addition populates a dashboard so CIOs can look at the organisation’s safety stance every time they wish to.

As a cloud-based providing, Fortitude may be set as much as level to any exterior IP deal with or area, after which it continuously exams and reviews.

These reviews can be utilized for an organisation’s ISO 27001 safety audit or PCI-DSS audit.

Gilliland says corporations are rapidly seeing the worth of vulnerability testing in an atmosphere the place cyberattacks are on the rise.

“Recent statistics show that ransomware attacks have increased by 148%, with one attack every 11 seconds – and 70% of them are successful.”

“Once hit, the cost of recovery is extortionate and, even if they pay the ransom, companies often find that 70% of their data is still corrupt.”

“They also experience lose in terms of reputation and  significant downtime. Some companies are down for as much as three weeks,” he provides.

“As soon as organisations see the results of a Fortitude proof of value, they realise how vulnerable they are.”

Because it’s a cloud service, prospects get the advantage of a particularly highly effective software as a managed service. Once it’s arrange, it’s self-service so prospects can entry or schedule their very own reviews.

The native cloud runs on a number of information centres, in Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein, which ensures full redundancy, in addition to information sovereignty.

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