How Supersonic used clever marketing to rapidly grow its subscriber base

After Supersonic launched in 2018, it used a clever online marketing strategy to rapidly grow its subscriber base and become a top local ISP.

To understand the strategy, you have to go back to August 2018, when Supersonic launched its first fibre-to-the-home products.

At the time, Supersonic – a rebrand of Smart Village – had to convince consumers that it was a better choice than brands like Afrihost, Mweb, and Telkom.

It was not easy. Smart Village had a poor reputation with clients, and Supersonic was not an established brand.

Supersonic CEO Calvin Collett had to turn the company around and create a trusted new brand in the competitive ISP market.

He focussed on improving the company culture, making Supersonic customer-centric, and improving processes to ensure a pleasant subscriber experience.

Collett did an exceptional job. Within months, Supersonic ran smoothly with outstanding service levels and significantly improved customer satisfaction.

“We broke the business down to its bare bones to build a company that won the coveted ISP of the Year award in our first year,” he said.

With all the building blocks in place, it was time for Supersonic to build brand awareness and rapidly grow its subscriber base.

The ISP partnered with MyBroadband to achieve its goal of becoming a top ISP in South Africa.

MyBroadband created an innovative marketing campaign with five core components:

  1. Home page takeovers and banner ads to build brand awareness and trust.
  2. Sponsored content targeting new fibre clients.
  3. Social media promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  4. Speed test sponsorship with lead-generation forms.
  5. Newsletter inclusions with targeted messages.

The campaign was an exceptional success. Supersonic quickly built a strong brand, created qualified leads, and signed up thousands of new customers.

Its custom messaging and targeted content campaigns worked particularly well to create trust in the new brand and position it as a great alternative to established ISPs.

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