Guest editorial: An open letter to Evan McMullin

Park Record guest editorial

I have started this editorial several times the past month and discarded it because I very much want you to defeat Sen. Mike Lee. But silent no longer ! In my view, the public needs to know your very specific stand on two issues: 1. the banning of all assault weapons such as the AR 15, high velocity ammo and extended clips, 2. Your position on the elimination or severe modification of the “Senate filibuster”

Today, July 4th, another senseless and needless mass shooting of Americans out enjoying the ultimate patriotic symbol, the 4th of July Parade ! Is this enough to get you to speak clearly on where you stand? NO MORE MASS SHOOTINGS.

You, of all candidates, personally know first hand the carnage created by an assault weapon. You have used one and seen its results in warfare-why it was designed in the 1st place.

You call yourself an independent, but on this issue you are obviously a Republican if you don’t support the ban of assault weapons!

I get the politics – appeal to the broadest base, don’t alienate any voters, keep everyone in a kumbaya mood !! But I and others want to hear your vaunted courage on the real issues of this campaign.

Will you support the permanent banning of assault weapons and their associated paraphernalia? Yes or No ? And, if not, why?

Now, on to the most undemocratic instrument of representative democracy.

As it stands, 41 senators – a clear minority – who represent a clear minority of the American voters and citizens can block the clear will of the majority(banning assault weapons and their accoutrements) with the use of the Senate filibuster.

If elected, will you support the movement to eliminate or STRICTLY limit the use of the filibuster or will you vote with those who believe that the minority should have the right to dictate to the rest of us? Yes or No?

It’s time to stand up and be counted Mr. McMullin. Enough of the glossy campaign literature full of pontifications and pleas for money. You want my vote, my money and that of those like me? Take some courageous stands and show us we won’t be electing just another “tell em what they want to hear” politician.​

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