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We are deeply saddened by the terrible loss of a great European and proud Italian.

Riposa in pace tweeted the EU Commission’s handle.


Nelson Dordelly called it A beautiful tribute.



And after the minute’s silence an extended period of applause by the people coming from across the political spectrum who attended. I went down to pay my respects also.


It gave rise to a number of tweets looking back at his life. DG meme posting this incredible photo of David Sassoli at the fall of the Berlin Wall. RIP they said.


And Miriam O’Callaghan remembered the time he said, in a cold snap, saying that at night the European Parliament should be opened up to homeless people because it was painful to see so many of them trying to shelter from the intense cold around the buildings that house it.

And on Thursday, Giorgia Orlandi tweeted a video from Campidoglio in Italy were his body was laying in state. President Matterella and Prime Minsiter Draghi both went…”But what’s touching is to see the incredible amount of private citizens who came here for one last goodbye” said Giorgia.

Despite having said he didn’t attend any parties at number ten last spring, the British prime minister Boris Johnson stood up in Westminster and said he did – as reported here by the Guardian.


‘I didn’t realise it was a party’ tweeted David Webb mocking Johnson’s excuse that he thought it was a “work event” and only stayed for 25 minutes.


And don’t forget to bring your own bottle tweeted Harry Shadow with a picture of frontline healthworkers exhausted on the floor 

#DowningStreetParties #BYOB


And you know you’ve really lost the high ground when Ryanair can pile in on you  – the company’s official twitter posting a new set of summer inflight drinks containing ingredients like a “dash of deceit”.


Alex Bellars tweeted Live footage of Johnson riding it out.



And Hannah Al Othman suggested how Theresa May might be watching it all:

And as Harry Zeffman tweeted, while Sue Gray who’s conducting it might be independent-minded but she’s a serving permanent secretary in the civil service. She works for the government…She’s not a judge…


After Geneva meeting between the US and Russia, Linas Linkevicious tweeted that while Russia reiterated that it has no intention of attacking #Ukraine unless Ukraine provokes itself. It means that Russia’s military adventure can happen at any time, because Ukraine ‘provokes’ all the time by sovereign existence and audacity to resist.


The spoof Darth Putin account said Russia wants NATO to honor a promise it never made while they want Russia to honor several promises we did. Tricky.


And while NATO insists its open door policy for Ukraine to potentially join the allince against Russia’s wishes, a meeting of the #NATO-#Russia Council in Brussels followed on.


The blue ticked handle of Ukraine tweeted to ask people to stop calling it a Ukraine crisis. No crisis is said, just a bad neighbor


And this meme did the round – Ukraine? asks Putin? No, Mykraine


And while there were plenty of talks between Russia and the West, as Alexandra von Nahmen pointed out – Some issues can apparently only be resolved on the leaders’ level.

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