Fortunate South African wins R28 million on Friday the thirteenth

Friday the thirteenth – a day universally believed to deliver unhealthy luck – turned out to be an excellent luck allure for one South African who bagged the R28 million Powerball Plus jackpot.

Powerball Plus Jackpot, 13 May 2022

The winner – who matched all 5 numbers and the Power Ball for the R28,145,803 jackpot – wasn’t the one fortunate participant on Friday.

Two gamers matched 5 numbers within the Plus draw for a payout of R145,382.60 every, whereas 28 gamers matched 4 numbers and the PowerBall – every claiming R6,502.80.

The PowerBall Plus jackpot thus begins afresh with R3 million within the upcoming draw.

Powerball Jackpot, 13 May 2022

Meanwhile, two gamers matched 5 numbers and the PowerBall in the usual draw, every strolling away with a R323,152.30 payout.

A prize of R11,563.30 went to the 35 gamers who matched 4 numbers with the PowerBall.

The R110 million Powerball Jackpot went unclaimed and rolled over to R120 million for the following draw on 17 May 2022.

Ironically, ball quantity 13 was drawn for the Powerball Jackpot’s energy ball (which went unclaimed). Perhaps the day shouldn’t be thought-about unfortunate in any case?

We assume the winner doesn’t undergo from triskaidekaphobia (concern of the quantity 13), or paraskevidekatriaphobia (concern of Friday the thirteenth).

Friday the thirteenth origins

If a Friday falls on the thirteenth of the month, it’s thought-about unfortunate. The day can be related to demise and deceit.

This ties in with the superstition that 12 is the variety of perfection. Fear of Friday the 13 has biblical roots, and stems from Jesus Christ’s final supper and crucifixion.

last supper friday the 13th powerball jackpot
The Last Supper is a mural portray by the Italian High Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci, dated to c. 1495–1498. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Many imagine Christ was crucified on a Friday. However, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke clashed with John’s file as a result of they used a special calendar.

As per Professor Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University, Christ’s remaining day was 1 April AD33 – a Wednesday, not a Friday, nor the thirteenth.

That nonetheless leaves The Last Supper portray by Leonardo da Vinci, which confirmed 13 disciples gathered round Christ, with Judas Iscariot depicted because the thirteenth member of the get together.

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