Followers divided by ‘uninformed’ Steve Hofmeyr’s feedback on Disney

Controversial Afrikaans pop musician Steve Hofmeyr has angered many South Africans together with his current feedback in regards to the LGBTIQ+ group – and presumably landed himself a half one million rand fantastic.

Hofmeyr brought about controversy when he claimed Disney is grooming youngsters to have intercourse with animals. He additionally believes the + in LGBTIQ+ represents bestiality.

Radio persona Rian van Heerden additional stirred the pot when he commented on Hofmeyr’s claims throughout his afternoon present on 13 April which sparked additional outrage on the already delicate subject.

“It is actually quite simple. Hatred will not fix your problems. It won’t give you land, a job, a wife/husband, or a car. It won’t fix your marriage, make you thin, make you cleverer, or make your purple rinse permanent,” he stated.

Van Heerden stated many individuals have been very indignant and if you happen to stored on exhibiting them hate was the reply, they’d observe you all the way in which.

“They hate already because they’re hurting and they have no idea how to make it stop. They need someone or some group to blame,” he added.

Van Heerden invited Hofmeyr to lunch to debate their variations.

“A lesson has to be learned. We will wait for his reaction to the letter of demand by the South African Human Rights Commission,” he stated.

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Many of Hofmeyr’s followers have now threatened to boycott Van Heerden in response.

Earlier this week, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) introduced steps can be taken to offer redress towards Hofmeyr regarding utterances made towards the LGBTIQ+ group on social media.

“On 2 April the SAHRC was alerted to concerning remarks made by Hofmeyr on social media relating to the LGBTIQ+ community,” SAHRC Provincial Manager, Dr Eileen Carter, stated.

“Where my generation learned to talk to mice, ducks, and dogs, our children are going to be taught how to have sex with mice, ducks, and dogs,” Hofmeyr claimed.

The fee demanded Hofmeyr pay a fantastic of R500,000, apologise, do group service, and attend a workshop about variety.

Social media influencer Craig du Toit Nel stated the topic of LGBTIQ+ was near his coronary heart.

“I have always been a fan of Hofmeyr but I am disappointed in what he said. What he said was so wrong on many levels,” he stated.

Du Toit Nel stated Hofmeyr had an unlimited following which he may use for good as an alternative.

“I represent a minority group that has been done so many times for so many years. We are the minority group that has made the least advancement over the years because of people like Hofmeyr and his claims,” he stated.

Du Toit Nel stated adverse feedback set the group again.

“Just as we thought we made progression through Disney we are slapped with remarks by Hofmeyr, that hurts,” he stated.

He added everybody had a proper to an opinion so long as it didn’t damage others.

“Look at the story of The Princess and the Frog, it’s a straight story but Hofmeyr said nothing about that,” he stated.

LGBTIQ+ artist and psychological well being employee Marco du Plessis stated there was no willingness to grasp.

“The SAHRC can only do so much if there is no willingness,” he stated.

Du Plessis added freedom of speech has been a longstanding debate and except these parameters turn out to be clear, there can be one other information story subsequent month about the identical stuff again and again.

“Mandela said it, the only cure for ignorance is education, and education in all forms in SA is lacking,” he stated.

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Pauline Kempster-Britz stated she has at all times been a Hofmeyr fan and beloved his music and unhealthy boy angle.

Kempster-Britz stated she additionally grew up in a conservative Afrikaans family and solely got here out of the closet on the age of 40.

“Where in life do you grab the cat by the tail and make assumptions about a topic you don’t know much about?” she requested.

Kempster-Britz stated everybody deserved a spot within the solar, whether or not it was interracial, same-sex {couples}, or no matter floats your boat.

“Since I met my wife I’ve never been happier,” she stated.

LGBTIQ+ artist Miloh Ramai stated he has by no means been a fan of Hofmeyr.

“He is very uninformed and it’s not his fault, but it’s a mindset,” he stated.

Ramai stated homophobia was a realized behaviour.

“Growing up, we were told m*****s go to hell,” he stated.

Ramai stated Hofmeyr could also be clever however wanted to hear and perceive what others have gone via. 

“He has a social responsibility,” he stated.

Meanwhile, social media was buzzing and divided by Hofmeyr’s claims about Disney.

Zalmarie Wagenaar stated there was loads of hatred in the direction of the group due to individuals akin to Hofmeyr.

“Love is love, why do people want to judge,” Wagenaar stated.

Nelmarie du Plessis stated she doesn’t have time for Hofmeyr who was racist and homophobic.

“He cannot just say what he wants to,” she stated.

Devon, Hofmeyer’s son, stated he would reply at a later stage on behalf of Hofmeyr.

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