Family Angels that Convey Bodily and Emotional Healing

Because it is a world of bodily and emotional ache, there are occasions we desperately want therapeutic.  Sometimes as we look for options, God sends our departed Family Angels to revive, soothe and luxury us. 

Be impressed by these profound tales of affection and therapeutic past the veil…

COVID Healing by Deceased Father in Law

Jon instructed me a fabulous expertise of being healed by an angel in the course of the heights of the COVID epidemic.  He wrote,

“In November 2020 I examined constructive for COVID 19 on the day after Thanksgiving. I used to be supposed to start out a brand new job December 1. When my new firm discovered I had COVID they pushed my begin date to the eighth of December. As the times bought nearer I used to be not getting any higher. I fervently prayed many many prayers for assist. One day I used to be sitting on our sofa when my deceased father in legislation appeared behind me positioned palms upon my head and gave me a priesthood blessing. As quickly because the blessing was carried out he disappeared in a conduit of sunshine. After that I started to get higher and was capable of begin my new job on the appointed day. [1]

What an intimate and treasured expertise gifted to Jon from God.

Rocky Ridges

I like what Sister Wendy Nelson mentioned concerning the capability of angels to assist us.  She writes,

“Can you imagine the effort it took those angels who pushed from the rear of handcarts as they helped the pioneers over the steep, snowy, windy, freezing, jagged terrain of Rocky Ridge?  If angels can manage that, they can certainly help you and me over our present-day Rocky Ridges!”[2]

Yes, they will!  Departed household at instances intervene in our lives to assist us in our most distressing hours…

Departed Grandfather Helps Prodigal Return

Brother Robert L. Millet former Dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University shares a strong and profound expertise.  He writes,

“One of our youngsters had chosen to separate himself not solely from Church exercise but in addition from household affiliation. He grew to become closely concerned with addictive medicine and buried himself in a hellish world that held out little hope for a return to regular residing. Shauna and I prayed and wrestled and yearned for his restoration and return, however we heard nothing from him, and we have been left to wonder if our son was lifeless, imprisoned, or misplaced. No phrase had are available many months, and the burden of ache and terrible anticipation of a notification of incarceration or drug overdose grew heavier every day.

“One night time as Shauna and I knelt in prayer, damaged and torn emotionally and bodily weak from fear, we wept by way of our prayers and pleaded lengthy and laborious.

Sometime during that night I found myself dreaming. My father, who had passed away several years before, came to me in the dream, embraced me, and then looked me in the eye. He said quite forcefully, “Son, I want you to pull yourself together. I am going to help you with those children of yours. Be patient.”

“I awoke and immediately sat up in bed. My sudden movement wakened Shauna. “What’s wrong? What happened?” she requested. I defined that I had seen Dad in a dream and he had instructed me he would assist with our wanderer.  Shauna and I each wept as deep emotions of gratitude and reassurance flowed into our souls. Days later the telephone rang in the course of the night time. Our son mentioned,

‘I just can’t reside like this anymore. Can I come dwelling?”

“We have been so thrilled to listen to from him, so grateful to know that he was nonetheless alive, that we felt no have to set the phrases or specify underneath what situations he may return. We merely welcomed him dwelling with tender affection.

“One night a couple of weeks later, he and I have been sitting on the couch in the lounge. He turned to me and mentioned hesitantly,

‘Dad, I have to share one thing with you.”

“I nodded and inspired him to proceed. He continued,      

I know this sounds strange, but one night some time back, I was on the verge of doing something that would definitely have cost me my life when I heard Grandpa Millet’s voice say,Don’t do that! You have been taught better. Now get up and go home.” Dad, is that too bizarre to be true?”

“With some emotion I answered that it was not and added; ‘Now I have a story to tell you.’ I then told him of my dream. We felt the Spirit of the Lord resting upon us and sensed that the entire experience was true and from God. We embraced.” [3]

And what an embrace that should have been.  The love connection stays robust by way of the veil…

It’s ALL about HEART

Joseph Smith defined:

“The spirit, power, and calling of Elijah is, that ye … obtain … all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God, even unto the turning of the hearts of the fathers unto the children, and the hearts of the children unto the fathers, even those who are in heaven.[4]

These household angels actually care about what is occurring in our lives.

Deceased Wife Appears to Rally Husband During Deep Trial

A. Brent Hammond shared a surprising story about his grandpa Jones [Fredrick William Jones Jr.] who went on a mission within the early days of the Church abandoning a spouse and three kids.  He writes,

“Grandpa Jones then left from Salt Lake for his mission. At that point, fathers have been known as to go on missions, leaving their households in religion that the Lord would supply for them.  Grandpa Jones had been out solely 4 months, when he acquired a telegram, saying that his spouse had died. His mission president instructed him that he may go dwelling with an honorable launch and no one would assume much less of him for it. He knew that he couldn’t get dwelling in time for the funeral, and his time could be higher served within the mission subject…

About two weeks later, Grandpa Jones acquired one other telegram informing him that his eleven month previous toddler son had handed away. Grandpa Jones was grief stricken when he bought the information of those two deaths.

One night while laying awake grieving over his deceased wife and son, he heard someone walking up the stairs. He looked to the door to see who was entering the room. There he saw his wife dressed in her Temple Robes. She talked with him and told him not to grieve any more, but to go on and finish his mission.
“Grandpa Jones served an honorable twenty -seven month mission. Though I never knew Grandpa Jones in mortality, this story and others like it inspire great faith inside of me.”[5]

What a consolation that should have been for Fredrick – to see his spouse and obtain steerage from her at that important time.  In our most painful moments, they know what to do…

Departed Mother-in Law introduced Solace after Divorce

Lee Hill shared a really tender expertise that basically touched my coronary heart. He wrote,

 “Many years in the past, I used to be residing alone having been separated from my first spouse and embroiled in tough divorce proceedings.  One night, I acquired a telephone name from my lawyer informing me that my aged mother-in-law had handed away and my spouse wished to tell me that I used to be particularly NOT invited to the viewing or the funeral.  This saddened me deeply as I dearly beloved my mother-in-law (as I did her daughter – my spouse) and had spent many hours serving to her over the previous 20+ plus years. 

“I felt helpless as I questioned how I may categorical my sorrow in her passing.  I knelt down and requested Heavenly Father to inform my deceased mother-in-law that I beloved her, missed her (my spouse refused to let me go to or communicate along with her the yr previous to her loss of life), and that I used to be sorry issues turned out the best way that they had. 

“I instantly felt the heat of a non secular presence wash over and encompass my total being.  My coronary heart rejoiced and I felt that my mother-in-law was within the room with me, assuring me that she knew how laborious I attempted to be a great husband to her daughter and a great son-in-law to her.  I desperately wanted this reassurance because the prior months of divorce proceedings had worn me down with emotions of failure and worthlessness. 

“This singular occasion helped me to proceed shifting ahead with religion.  I’ve since married a beautiful girl who, like my first spouse’s mom, appreciates the person I’m and may turn out to be.  This expertise confirmed my religion that our departed family members are very close to us and are there to assist when wanted.

Through the Veil

These tales all paint an image of angelic love; being healed from Covid; comforting the dad and mom of a wayward son; counseling and consoling a husband, and a candy mother-in-law who confirmed like to her ex son-in-law.  

Our hearts are sure with their hearts and they’re at instances allowed to assist us. There is everlasting love and therapeutic by way of the veil.

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[1] Jon (Last Name Withheld), private correspondence.  Used with permission.

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