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On Tuesday, the European Commission launched its EUChipsAct to bring together research, design & testing capacities for microchips.



Spokesman Johannes Bahrke was on the ball 


DG Meme’s feed looks like this:


Please tell me all journos today are getting a bag of chips begged Jillian Deutsch.


Laura Heuvinck, too, feels hungry every time she hears #EUChipsAct 


Berlaymonster mused that the Chicon Roadmap and the Dame Blanche Compass, must be coming later this week.


Dimitri Eynikel was less enthusiastic, remarking that in the EU everything leads back to subsidising agriculture.


But congratulations to Danny Van Roijen for avoiding the obvious and going old school with the  Chips memes!


In a filing on Wednesday, Meta companies Facebook and Instagram have threatened to pull out of Europe because they don’t like EU privacy laws


“I can assure you that you can live perfectly well without Facebook,” said German and French ministers.


While Margrethe Vestager reckons ditching Instagram would free up 20 minutes a day, 


Thank YOU Facebook! Please fulfil your threats! So many EU parents will be eternally grateful, tweeted Rajeev


Sounds like good news to Volker Weber


Sounds like another great reason to move to Europe.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, added Laura Evans.


Comfortably numb summed up the reactions like this: 


On Monday German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in Washington to meet President Biden…


But in Germany it’s more a case of they seek him here, they seek him there…


As his leadership is rumoured to be MIA




From Finding Nemo


To Where’s Wally


While Le Chou snarked that Charles Michel Still Can’t Figure Out Why Angela Merkel Looks Different



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