Emma Raducanu Wants To Move Out Of Parents Home To ‘Ultra-Secure Gated Complex’ After Stalker Nightmare

British tennis star Emma Raducanu is reportedly looking for a house in an “ultra-secure gated community” after dealing with a stalker.

The 19-year-old doesn’t feel safe in her parents’ ­London house after a stalker visited three times, reported The Sun. She is keen on the gated complex where houses cost up to 15 million pounds ($2,03,43,810). The countryside development, which the above media outlet did not name, is said to offer its ­residents “peace, security and seclusion.”

A source said that she will “plump for a place with CCTV and security systems and has bodyguards who could move in.” The source added that it is likely the young athlete “will invite her parents to share her new home.”

Raducanu became an overnight sensation after her historic run from qualifying to claiming last year’s US Open title, according to Tennis. The star, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram, has a variety of partnerships with major brands like Tiffany & Co., British Airlines and Evian.

The house-hunting news comes after Amrit Magar, 35, of Edgware, North London, was found guilty of stalking her. The former Amazon delivery driver will be sentenced later this month, reported Daily Mail.

In January, Raducanu said that she no longer felt safe in her house after a stalker visited the property three times and stole her father’s shoe as a “souvenir.” After the stalker found her address and left notes, flowers and Christmas decorations, she told police that she is “constantly looking over her shoulder.”

When married Magar was unemployed he was watching the US Open champion on television. After that he traveled to the London suburb where Raducanu lives with her parents and asked strangers for directions to her residence. On one occasion, he left a note saying that the teen “deserved love.”

On another occasion, he drew a map illustrating the 23 miles he had walked from Edgware in the hope of meeting her. On the final occasion on Dec. 4, Magar decorated a tree in the teenager’s front garden with Christmas lights. Then he stole a trainer from the porch, thinking it belonged to her. But it belonged to her dad, Ian, who recognized Magar from doorbell camera video as someone who had visited the property earlier. The tennis star’s dad followed him in his car while informing police.

When Magar was arrested, he was found with the shoe in his bag and informed cops that he “wanted a souvenir.” Last month at Bromley Magistrates’ Court, England, he was found guilty of stalking.

In a statement read to the court, Raducanu said that she was worried about stepping out alone. She added that she wanted to move to a “new house with better security because I am worried he might come back as he knows where my home is.” Her stalker was bailed on the basis he does not contact the tennis star and her parents, and visits the street they live on.

Emma Raducanu Emma Raducanu of Great Britain speaks to the media after the exhibition match between Emma Raducanu of Great Britain and Elena-Gabriela Ruse of Romania on Day Four of the ATP Champions Tour at Royal Albert Hall on November 28, 2021 in London, England. Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

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