‘Dog Library’ springs up in Minneapolis neighborhood in memory of beloved pets

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — In northeast Minneapolis, a creative project is turning heads, and causing lots of tail wags.

A “Dog Library” was put up this weekend on Wilson Street, allowing people to share old dog items or take what they need.

The library is filled with treats, toys, leashes, bags and has a bowl of water.

“My neighbors had come over with a little bouquet after I lost Charlie just two-and-a-half weeks ago,” said Lisa Kronk. “And we started talking about getting things out that we could share with other neighbor dogs.”

It’s how the neighbors came up with the idea. Within just three days, Will Mound made the library utilizing his woodworking skills that have become well known in the neighborhood.

Some of his projects include making a “Little Free Library” and fairy doors. During the pandemic, he wrote messages of positivity and put them up outside his home.

“I was one of the first rounds of layoffs in the beginning of the pandemic and it was hard to find work at that time, so I guess I needed something to do and it was kind of my outlet,” Mound said.

It’s not just a love of dogs uniting these neighbors – it’s the shared loss of losing a dog over the past year or so. The names of a handful of dogs are displayed on dog tags on the library in their honor.

“It’s been nice because, I mean, we all experienced it all at the same time, so we were kinda able to support each other a little bit that way,” said Dan Bullemer.

“It was very personal and very sweet for me to see Charlie’s name up there,” Kronk said.

The Mounds hope people will come by and utilize the library. They also welcome donations, too.

“There’s just so much out there right now that’s negative, so it’s kind of nice to feel something new,” Mound said.

The Dog Library can be found on Wilson Street Northeast near Lowry Avenue Northeast.

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