Comprehensive Popia coaching programme launched for info officers in South Africa

Atvance Intellect, specialists in knowledge, privateness and cybersecurity, has developed a complete info officer coaching programme designed to supply Popia practitioners, organisations, groups and people with important Popia skillsets and capabilities. The coaching has been developed by privateness professionals with a mixed 24 years of expertise in knowledge privateness and cybersecurity.

The course is a mix of coaching and data base, offering attendees with Popia coaching alongside entry to a web based library of up-to-date Popia compliance sources.

In abstract

  • This is a complete, multi-week interactive knowledge privateness coaching course customised for the South African market and the Protection of Personal Information Act (Popia).
  • It offers info officers and privateness practitioners with related and up-to-date skillsets and sources.
  • It ensures organisations are compliant with mandated Popia info officer coaching necessities and that groups are aligned with the true enterprise dangers.

“The programme has been developed not only to ensure that companies meet the mandated training requirements of Popia, but with our longstanding industry expertise it will ensure that attendees receive essential knowledge and skills to manage and understand data privacy within their businesses, or for their clients,” says Brendon Ambrose, GM and knowledge privateness lawyer at Atvance Intellect.

“We are unique in that having been in the position of our clients, we created something which we would have liked to have: a course to provide sufficient knowledge of data privacy with a comprehensive blend of constantly updated online tools and resources. The programme was developed to support the growing ranks of information officers who’ve been put into this role without the tools and training they need to fully achieve their mandates.”

Find out extra by downloading the brochure right here or contacting the Atvance Intellect Information Officer Data Privacy Training Programme crew right here.

The Atvance Intellect Information Officer Data Privacy Comprehensive Training Programme helps organisations to adjust to the requisite info officer coaching necessities by offering attendees with the talents they should create, implement and preserve privateness programmes. The skillsets are related to each native and worldwide attendees. The course spans a number of key areas of compliance, privateness and safety, and helps organisations in adapting to and remaining compliant with Popia necessities.

“The training allows for organisations to pivot to a comprehensive data privacy training approach, embedding the correct methodologies and frameworks into the business,” says Ambrose. “Running over multiple sessions, with spaced learning and repetition built in, the training covers all the essential areas and provides attendees with certificate once they have completed all the modules and assessments.”

The programme consists of:

  • Popia compliance, consciousness and threat administration.
  • Skills to assist within the improvement and administration of a privateness perform inside a enterprise and the way this works with different departments.
  • Insights designed to advertise profession progress and expertise improvement for info officers and Popia practitioners.
  • Compliance, implementation threat administration methods, dealing with of knowledge breaches and administration of hole analyses.
  • Insights into the idea of knowledge privateness, the position of the data officer, methods to construct and preserve a privateness compliance framework, and methods to construct a knowledge privateness technique.
  • How to run a knowledge privateness perform, together with selecting the best software program, managing privateness affect assessments and acquiring government buy-in.
  • Live coaching, with materials sources for ongoing examine and reference, theoretical assessments and entry to a devoted reference portal personalised for every attendee.

The coaching ticks all of the vital packing containers for organisations and knowledge officers alike, and offers important insights and invaluable coaching to authorized groups, high quality and threat managers, knowledge privateness champions, human sources practitioners, and knowledge safety and knowledge officers.

“The course provides attendees with the knowledge they need to manage their roles effectively and to mitigate both personal and business risks,” says Ambrose. “It’s independent and customised to suit specific learning styles and outcome requirements and but requires a 42-hour time commitment to ensure proper completion of the Popia-mandated training requirements.”

The coaching programme has been designed to suit round busy schedules, permitting for attendees to drop in on modules as time permits. In addition, the course consists of entry to a web based library of up-to-date and continually refreshed sources that can be utilized for as much as a 12 months after coaching has been accomplished. The library is up to date with vital regulatory and privateness info that customers can entry on demand to bolster their privateness frameworks or guarantee their programmes are aligned with the most recent modifications in regulation.

Competitively priced with coaching and entry to the up-to-date portal, the Atvance Intellect Information Officer Data Privacy Training Programme is a extremely efficient approach of addressing expertise necessities of knowledge officers. Find out extra by downloading the brochure right here or contacting the Atvance Intellect Information Officer Data Privacy Training Programme crew right here.

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