Cannot sleep? Memorial Hermann advises when it is time to see a physician.

If you may have hassle getting good-quality sleep, you could be affected by extra than simply being drained.

Sleepiness is said to a number of well being issues, together with despair, anxiousness, and decreased cognitive perform and reminiscence, and it could result in power situations like weight problems, hypertension, coronary heart illness, and diabetes. Sleep deprivation additionally slows your response time, which may negatively have an effect on work efficiency productiveness or trigger sleepiness behind the wheel.

Many folks undergo from frequent issues like insomnia, sleep apnea, stressed legs syndrome, and narcolepsy with out realizing the intense well being penalties these situations create.

Christine Chen, MD, a household doctor with Memorial Hermann Medical Group, shares some recommendations on sleep issues and when it is time to see your physician.

What is a sleep problem?

Sleep issues are issues with the standard, quantity, or timing of sleep. These issues can lead to daytime sleepiness and might negatively have an effect on your high quality of life.

Types of sleep issues

“Lots of people suffer from sleep apnea,” says Dr. Chen. “I also see many patients who have trouble falling or staying asleep. It’s much more common than people realize, and it can be dangerous.”

  • Sleep apnea: interrupted respiratory throughout sleep that causes oxygen deprivation, characterised by loud night breathing or awakening whereas gasping or choking.
  • Insomnia: issues falling or staying asleep, even with satisfactory alternatives for sleep.
  • Restless Legs Syndrome: uncomfortable sensations within the legs or ft and an uncontrollable urge to maneuver them.
  • Narcolepsy: falling asleep at inconvenient occasions or feeling drained, even after having sufficient sleep.

Signs of a sleep problem

Daytime sleepiness is without doubt one of the largest indicators that you could be be affected by a sleep problem. Do you expertise any of those issues?

  • Trouble staying alert and targeted

  • Problems with reminiscence

  • Feeling drained, dazed or “zoned out”

  • Unusual irritability

  • Falling asleep whereas driving

When to see a physician

Everyone experiences periodic issues with sleep — that is regular. But if sleeplessness is extended, if in case you have hassle functioning through the day, or in case your mattress companion complains about your loud night breathing, it is time to do one thing.

“If your symptoms last for more than two weeks, or cause problems at work or with your daily commute, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor,” Dr. Chen advises. “Don’t dismiss or ignore what is happening, because not getting enough sleep is a big detractor from quality of life.”

Treatment for sleep issues

The first place to begin is a dialog along with your healthcare supplier. Sometimes there are simple fixes that may get you again to good-quality sleep shortly.

“It all depends on the specific problem and what is causing it,” Dr. Chen says. Treatment for sleep apnea could embody weight reduction, utilizing a CPAP machine, or perhaps a surgically implanted gadget like Inspire. “If you are waking up during the night to use the bathroom because of prostate issues, then we treat the prostate issues. And we need to address depression and anxiety because they are major sources of disordered sleep.”

Some sleep issues could be improved by working towards good sleep hygiene. What is sleep hygiene? “Basically, it’s establishing a good sleep routine,” says Dr. Chen. She recommends following these steps to a superb evening’s sleep:

  • Establish the identical bedtime and wake time, day-after-day.

  • Create a pre-bedtime routine (learn, take a shower, meditate, and so forth.).

  • Turn off all electronics at the very least one hour earlier than bedtime.

  • Go to mattress solely when you’re sleepy, and use the mattress just for sleep and intercourse.

  • Avoid extreme caffeine and alcohol.

  • Get common train through the day.

Sleep specialists

If the same old remedies are usually not serving to, it might be time to see a sleep specialist. More extreme sleep issues could require a sleep research carried out in a sleep lab. This kind of testing permits docs to observe your respiratory and mind exercise when you are sleeping to allow them to make an correct analysis and suggest an efficient therapy technique.

Get the sleep you want

Problems sleeping at evening trigger issues performing through the day and might create unhealthy and harmful situations for you and people round you.

If you’re struggling to get sufficient good-quality sleep, it is time to discuss to your physician. Many occasions, merely figuring out the supply of the issue and adjusting your bedtime routine could make an enormous distinction. When you want extra care, the physicians affiliated with Memorial Hermann are on the forefront of diagnosing and managing sleep issues for a full vary of situations in folks of all ages.

A doctor’s order is required to endure a sleep research. If it is advisable discover a physician, go to If you may have a doctor’s referral, name one of many Memorial Hermann Sleep Disorders Centers to schedule a sleep research. For places, go to

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