Camila Cabello Talks Love And Relationships

Camila Cabello is having her moment right now with her third studio album “Familia” doing great with fans and critics alike and receiving honors such as performing at the Final of the UEFA Champion League in France. The singer has revealed that she is very happy with the place that her life is in now and is in no rush to change things.

While speaking to Cosmopolitan UK, Camila addressed how she feels about the success she has garnered recently and even opened up about her approach to love and relationships going forward.

In regard to the chances of any romantic adventures going forward, Camila had this to say:

“I don’t put a lot of focus on it. I just really want to hang out with people, I want to make friends and I’ve made a lot of great friends over the past year…If something happens, then that’s really fun, but I don’t put any pressure on it.”

Camila says that this is a new attitude that was hard found she intends to keep it until further notice. The singer described the attitude in the following words:

“Before I used to be like, ‘Yes, love, oh my god, love,’ and now I’m just trying to have a good time. I just want to live my life and have great friendships. If something comes out of [them] that’s something more, then that’s great.”

Camila also talked about keeping her private and professional life separated going forward. This is no doubt after the experience of a very public relationship and an equally public break-up with singer Shawn Mendes.

“I don’t really want my dating life or that side of my life to be…I mean, obviously, I know that it has been in the past, but that’s not really what I want. It just so happened that it turned out that way,” said Camila.

Camila spoke about how her experiences in life are what taught her to be everything that she is now and she will definitely live her life a little more wisely going forward.

“They don’t say older and wiser for no reason.”


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