Bring Me The Horizon released the horror video ‘sTraNgeRs’

Scary and serious at the same time. Bring Me The Horizon released the single “sTraNgeRs” and showed a video for it. The video was created based on mental health stories told by the band’s fans.

According to Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oliver Sykes, “sTraNgeRs” was born after a trip to Los Angeles, where the musicians participated in a songwriting session.

The line “We’re just a room full of strangers” (“We are in a room full of strangers”) took on a deep and double meaning. During the concert performance of the song “sTraNgeRs,” strangers unite, and it is like a rehabilitation process.

“Coming out of self-isolation and a pandemic, we are all recovering from some things. I know that many people struggle with various injuries on a daily basis. I wanted to emphasize that they are not alone. We help each other in our community.”
One of the co-authors and producers of “sTraNgeRs” was Bloodpop, known for his collaboration with Lady Gaga. Also, Caroline Eileen, who worked on Dua Lipa’s hits, had a hand in the track.

After asking the audience if they would like to participate in anonymous personal stories, the band used a variety of reactions to adapt the raw, transcendental narrative to the music video.

Earlier in 2022, Bring Me The Horizon released collaboration tracks with Sigrid, Masked Wolf, and Machine Gun Kelly -“Bad Life,” “Fallout,” and “Maybe,” respectively. The band also recorded a duet with Ed Sheeran, a rock version of his hit “Bad Habits” last year.

Bring Me The Horizon’s latest album, Amo was released in January 2019. In October 2020, the musicians released the EP “Posthuman: Survival horror,” featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence, Yungblud, and the Japanese band Babymetal.

In 2021, Bring Me The Horizon released a music video for “DiE4u” with references to the films Blade and Blade 2.

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