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CUBA Pro is a module existing within the Billetterie LPM product. It is used to assist with the offline filing and real-time IP application interrogation. The CUBA Pro product collaborates with third-party client software to the national office.

  • CUBA Pro provides a seamless integration with any third-party data sources, allowing the office to file and publish with the national office seamlessly.
  • It enables real-time communication, data flow, intermittent updates, bi-directionally from the national office back to the third-party client software.

Product features – outline

The use case for CUBA Pro encompasses the retrieval of applications ready for submission to the national office, previewing and validating of all submissions, update of statuses within the IP management system with the corresponding national office official correspondence. CUBA Pro consists of the following functionality:

  • Generating IP XML documents for submission of e-filing application via CUBA Pro;
  • Importing data as standard objects;
  • Generation of XML batches (auto and seamless);
  • E-filing integration from client third-party product to national the IP office;
  • Preview IP confirmation forms before filing;
  • Custom integration to third-party data sources;
  • Validation of e-filing meta data;
  • Connecting and submitting e-filing applications seamlessly and directly to the national office (includes filing and collaboration to the IP patent journal);
  • Continuous and intermittent status checking and updating of records to the IP management system; and
  • Secure API enablers for data and content sharing, updates and status verification.

CUBA Pro’s main functions:

Generate IP XML documents for e-filing to the national registry.

Generate standard IP forms in PDF for preview before filing.

Validate XML data using national registry business rules.

Status updates

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