Asahi Kasei to showcase MOTIV buffer technology at Achema

This August in Frankfurt, Germany, Asahi Kasei Bioprocess, subsidiary of diversified Japanese technology company Asahi Kasei, will be featuring its award-winning MOTIV™ Buffer Management Technology at Achema.

Winner of the Best in Show award at Interphex 2017, Technology of the Decade award from Bioprocess International 2012 and originator of the concept for inline buffer formulation, Asahi Kasei has been constantly pushing boundaries in the field of buffer formulation systems. Using built-in automation software, MOTIV keeps pharmaceutical production moving efficiently and precisely, so that medicine can be produced in larger quantities, be made more available globally and can get to patients sooner and safer. 

Asahi Kasei’s MOTIV buffer management technology for pharma manufacturing

Buffers are used for the vast majority of processes in pharmaceutical development, which have traditionally required storage in extremely large tank farms to be utilised as necessary. MOTIV can blend buffers from concentrates in small, single-use bags and is controlled with sensors to maintain and assure precision. It is also able to blend buffers to exact specifications as needed during a downstream development process and can handle a wide variety of buffer formulations.

Enabling sustainable manufacturing

MOTIV is automated by the integrated OCELOT System Control software, a technology that integrates and/or interfaces with plant-wide control systems in a universally compatible format, allowing for far-reaching data collection and analysis. OCELOT makes the whole process repeatable and helps to reduce waste created in the development process. Ultimately, it enables a more sustainable means of pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

“We have been working to standardise system designs as much as we can, to make them more readily available with shorter lead times. We are also very capable at building custom systems to meet the specific needs of customers,” says Chris Rombach, vice president of sales and marketing at Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America. “One of our strengths is not only having an innovative product, but also an extensive family of MOTIV systems to choose from. Buffers are the lifeblood of pharma manufacturing and with the R&D opportunities of being a part of the Asahi Kasei Group, we have been able to develop MOTIV to be the most reliable and efficient IBF technology on the market today. Operation Warp Speed also helped us push capacity to expand globally and billions of dollars are being invested by manufacturers to ramp up production as quickly as possible. This drives a new sense of value for systems like our MOTIV family that can streamline processes.” 

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