Afrihost launches uncapped mobile data for R497 per month

Internet service provider (ISP) Afrihost has launched an Air Mobile uncapped data deal for R497 per month.

Similar to other uncapped mobile data offers on the South African market, the service is a shaped and prioritised product.

Throughput is throttled after reaching certain usage thresholds, with Afrihost saying the first 100GB will be consumed at “full” speed.

Although it does not define “full speed”, unthrottled mobile data is typically consumed on a “best effort” basis.

Afrihost Air Mobile operates on MTN’s network, which recently achieved an average download speed of 79.27Mbps in MyBroadband Insights’ Mobile Network Quality Report for the second quarter of 2022.

For usage between 100GB and 150GB, Afrihost will throttle down the subscriber’s connection to 8Mbps.

Between 150GB and 200GB consumption, the maximum speed will be capped at 4Mbps. For any further usage after that, speeds are throttled to 2Mbps.

The ISP has also dropped the price of its capped 100GB package from R1,000 to R475.

Its 50GB package, which was priced at R500, has also had its price reduced. Customers who had this product were automatically transferred to the 100GB package.

Another feature of the uncapped package is the ability to transfer up to 50GB of mobile data to other Afrihost Air Mobile SIMs per month, in 500MB denominations.

Data transferral is also available on the rest of the Air Mobile packages.

The ISP has also changed when transferred data expires. It will now only happen at the end of the following month, instead of the same month.

The packages are available month-to-month and can be found on the Afrihost Air Mobile website.

The data allocations and pricing of Afrihost’s new Air Mobile data-only packages are shown in the table and infographic below.

Afrihost Air Mobile data-only month-to-month packages
Anytime data Price
500MB R25
1GB R30
2GB R60
3GB R90
5GB R100
10GB R150
15GB R220
20GB R250
30GB R350
40GB R450
100GB R475
Uncapped R497

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