4 Issues We Can Do to Apply the Doctrine of Heavenly Mother

In April 2022 General Conference, Elder Renlund taught that exposed data of Heavenly Mother has been defined within the Gospel Topics essay “Mother In Heaven.” It’s thrilling to see the would possibly of that essay! 

(For a overview on what that Essay teaches, see this text:

But, and that is the important thing– 

We have been additionally taught in April General Conference by Sister Rebecca L. Craven–the Second Counselor within the Young Women General Presidency–to not simply be hear-ers of the phrase, however do-ers additionally.

 Latter-day Saints are Do-ers. With a lay ministry, all of us pitch in to show classes, put away the tables within the cultural corridor after an occasion, run the applications. I’m a baby of a twice-serving Bishop– with frequent labor conscriptions, as a nine-year previous, I knew an inordinate quantity extra about ward constructing chair and hymn e-book preparations.

I can chortle about this– however I additionally assume it’s a key doctrinal precept. Agency. Growth. Service. Progression. Life is about changing into like our Heavenly Parents. 

“Our theology begins with heavenly parents. Our highest aspiration is to become like them.”- Elder Oaks (within the Gospel Topics Essay)

But, right here’s the catch. If we don’t apply fact, it’s merely not price that a lot. Think of the straightforward precept of tithing. If we solely examine it, effectively, it’s not doing us a lot good. We actually deny ourselves blessings once we don’t apply doctrine. 

We have discovered of Heavenly Mother from the Gospel Topics Essay. Now we have to be do-ers. Below are 4 issues we are able to DO to use our doctrine on Heavenly Mother:

1- Express godly love.The Gospel Topics Essay says we’re “beloved spirit children of Heavenly Parents.” This means we’re liked by each Heavenly Father AND Heavenly Mother. So, a really pure software of this doctrine is to begin saying this. When we wish to discuss God loving us… we use “Heavenly Parents” or “Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother” love us. There’s no hurt in a reminder that we’re liked completely by BOTH mother and father– and, in actual fact, it could actually do an entire lot of fine! 

2- Teach that Heavenly Mother is important– identical to earthly moms. We proceed to show younger girls in lesson after lesson that earthly moms are important for his or her youngsters’s religious well-being. Then let’s use the Gospel Topics Essay to light up the reality that Heavenly Mother is important for Her youngsters too. After all, the essay tells us that She is the Mother of our souls– we wouldn’t exist with out Her!  (We assume that clears up whether or not Heavenly Mother is important.) 

3- Give girls a imaginative and prescient of their divine future.The Gospel Topics Essay makes it clear that Heavenly Mother is our “eternal Prototype.” The girls of the church want a imaginative and prescient for his or her divine future. Girls, Young Women, and Women have to know that their everlasting development results in a designing, creating, loving, concerned, influencing co-equal companion God!  (All doctrine from the Gospel Topics Essay!) If we train that Heavenly Mother issues, we train that ladies matter. Heavenly Mother gives girls with a transparent imaginative and prescient of their divine future. Once a lady learns about “the eternal Prototype,” her soul lights up!  

4- Model our Heavenly Parents.The Gospel Topics Essay teaches each women and men that our Heavenly Parents work side-by-side for the salvation of Their youngsters. Our marriages and parenting ought to sample this as effectively! Husbands and wives can study to deal with one another as equals by following the divine sample of our Heavenly Parents. Our lives, {our relationships}, our classes, our artwork, our discussions— all the things can painting the divine sample of Heavenly Parents working collectively. (Tip: that is true for women and men working collectively exterior of marriage too!) 

Let’s have a good time Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day! Today, this week, this month, from right here on out–  apply the doctrine of our Heavenly Mother… and bless all our lives.

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