2022 Toyota bZ4X electric SUV details revealed

The Japanese brand has revealed details of its game-changing, hi-tech new car that is set to land in Australia in the near future.

Toyota is finally joining the electric revolution.

The Japanese company has detailed its first all-electric vehicle ahead of its global launch later this year.

Dubbed the bZ4X, the RAV4-sized SUV is the first in a line of seven battery-powered electric cars due by 2025.

Toyota Australia has previously committed to introducing the bZ4X locally in late 2022, with prices to be confirmed closer to launch.

The bZ range of cars will form a central part of the brand’s strategy to lower emissions, and includes conventional hybrid, plug-in hybrids, battery electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell electric cars.

Toyota will offer the bZ4X in a front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive set-ups.

The front-wheel drive variant uses one motor making 150kW and 264Nm paired to a 71.4kWh battery that allows for up to 500km of range.

All-wheel drive versions combine the 150kW front motor with a rear mounted 80kW unit, which combine for 160kW. Toyota hasn’t revealed a total torque figure for the all-wheel drive variant.

Toyota says the bZ4X can accept up to 150kW of charge via a DC recharger. This can add about 80 per cent of capacity in 30 minutes.

Toyota has added some hi-tech features including the ability for over the air software updates and a digital key that is stored in your smartphone and can be passed on to friends and family.

There is also the option for a yoke-style steering wheel. It looks similar to controls used in a plane but operates like a standard steering wheel.

This yoke control uses a steer by wire system that has no mechanical connection between the wheel and the tyres. It has much faster steering than Tesla’s similar system, with 150 degrees of lock that Toyota says makes it easier for sharp turns and parking.

This technology blocks vibrations from the tyres and only transmits feedback from the road.

Rooftop solar panels can add up to 1800km of driving range every year according to Toyota.

The bZ4X will also have vehicle to load and vehicle to grid ability. This means it can power appliances or tools when there is no electricity and can also be connected to your home to power your house.

This gives owners the chance to get off the grid by charging their vehicle from solar panels during the day and then using the car’s battery to power the house during the night.

The bZ4X’s battery is equivalent to about five Tesla Powerwall home batteries.

The bZ4X was developed with Subaru, which is set to reveal its electric SUV next year.

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